My travel inspiration

I don’t want to say bucket list because it sounds a bit morbid, and (hopefully) gives me too much time to get all these things done. I see this as a list of things that I know will make me ridiculously happy, and that I want to do over the next few years. They’re a way of keeping track of all the things I want to do, and reminding myself of all the incredible moments I’ve had and things that I’ve done when I’m having dog days..

1. Live abroad for at least a year

2. Swim in all of the worlds oceans

3. Try something completely new in every place I go – whether it is a food, a way of travelling, an activity or a way of thinking

4. Get my PADI certification

5. See sea turtles in the wild

6. Climb a proper mountain

7. Do a skydive

8. Be a couchsurfing host, and make sure I’m great

9. Get a one-way ticket somewhere and just leave with no idea of what I’ll be doing in a years time

10. Work out how to approach being in the UK in the same way as I approach being in a completely new country